EKEES Renaming Follow Up Survey Feb 2022

EKEES Renaming Follow Up Survey Feb 2022
Posted on 02/11/2022
Follow up Survey for renaming EKEES

The Limestone District School Board invited our school and broader communities to participate in offering suggestions for the renaming of École Kingston East Elementary School (ÉKEES) last fall. The board received almost 230 suggestions from ÉKEES students, families, staff and the general public

Now, the Renaming Committee, which is overseeing the consultation portion of the process, is asking for additional input based on four short-listed names (with supporting rationale) suggested last fall by survey participants. The Renaming Committee narrowed the submissions using the guidelines in board Administrative Procedure 552: Naming/Renaming of Schools. The Committee added some additional criteria including:

avoiding the selection of any name of an individual (even if deceased) 

will not appropriate Indigenous words/languages/names  

ensuring new name has a connection to nature/land to promote a sense of identity and belonging among all peoples

The school community is now invited to rank their top three choices from the following four names (listed in alphabetical order):

Butternut Creek Elementary School: Butternut Creek is a local conservation area that is located near the school and is often visited by students and staff for both learning and physical education opportunities. This suggestion was submitted most often by students, and embodies a clear and vital connection between students, the school and the land.

Friendship Elementary School:Students suggested this name as a representation of something that makes them feel safe, welcome and loved at school: friends. Friendship also speaks to the relationships and reciprocity between people and could also represent our relationship and connection to the land.

Harmony Elementary School: Creating and promoting harmony involves finding your centre and ensuring our minds, body, spirit and emotions are balanced which is also a reflection of the Medicine Wheel. This circular symbol represents the need for harmony, balance, and respect between all of life’s parts. Harmony represents Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples working together to build and strengthen relationships by supporting, guiding and respecting each other.

Maple Elementary School:Students suggested this name as the maple leaf is an iconic Canadian symbol and reflects the importance of our environment. Maple connects to the land and history of First Nations Peoples and is one of the first Medicines of spring (maple sap). The maple leaf is also an iconic symbol of Canada to newcomers and represents a safe and welcoming space. There are several maple trees on the property offering a further connection to the land. The existing school logo already an M with a maple leaf! “Maple Majors” also has a nice ring to it.

Participants are also welcome to provide one alternate suggestion that is not included along with the reason/rationale.

The follow-up survey, which is open from Monday, February 14 until Friday, February 18, 2022, is open to everyone. ÉKEES students will be engaged directly at school to provide their feedback and input.

The Renaming Committee will review the results of this survey and narrow the names to a list of three to five recommendations that will be provided to the Board of Trustees for consideration. The name

will not necessarily be decided by popular vote (the name that receives the most support). Trustees

will make the final decision on the new name.